Our Mission

Formed in 1936, the Great Valley Association is comprised of residents committed to preserving and protecting the livability and character of the Great Valley. The GVA area includes over 600 homes in Tredyffrin Township, within 5 square miles north and south of Valley Creek, east of Route 29 and west of Mill Road. Our mutual interests include zoning, environment, traffic, safety and various other unique issues that may affect the ambiance of the Great Valley.

The Great Valley Association provides a forum to introduce and discuss concerns that range from proposed housing developments to traffic congestion within the Great Valley.

To assure knowledgeable participation in these matters, the Officers and Directors of the GVA voluntarily attend applicable state, county, and township meetings; serve on civic committees; develop agendas and schedule meetings to register members’ concerns and ideas.

The information derived from these open meetings is shared with our membership to facilitate a general understanding and develop a consensus position to present to the appropriate parties. Since we are individuals, all members will not always agree on each specific GVA position, but the opportunity to present your opinion is assured.

The Great Valley Association makes every effort to present dependable information to advance the best interests of the residents of the Great Valley. We usually meet on the second Tuesday of every month and we welcome your involvement! Please email Chairman James Hopkins via Gynexin World if you’d like to attend.